What to expect

When you walk into Campton Heights on a Sunday morning, you’ll see a group of people dressed about the same way you do when you want to go to the grocery store.  If you feel comfortable, then you’re probably good to go.  We care a whole lot more about having you with us than we do about how you dress. 

You can expect to be welcomed and for multiple people to gladly notice that you’re here.  Our worship service is focused on the lifting up of Jesus Christ & consists of singing, prayer, and the teaching of God’s Word.   The whole thing is about 90 minutes long and usually ends by 12:00 pm.

We have nursery care available for kids 0-3 years old during the whole service.  Feel free to ask for directions if you need it and just about anybody would be happy to help.  Following the singing part of our gathering, we have children’s church for ages 4 years old – 3rd grade.  We strive to make sure our kids programs are safe, fun, and about Jesus.  You are welcome to keep your kids with you for the whole message or to go with them to their room(s) until they’re comfortable. You are also welcome to step out into the nursery if you just need to get out of the main service to care for a little one.

We typically take a Sunday morning offering by having offering plates passed around during one of the worship songs.  Nobody’s expecting, watching, or caring if you give.  We take an offering to give opportunity for those that want to give towards the support of the ministries our church is engaged in.  If you’re just dying to give some money towards the Lord’s work through our church, then by all means give – but it is our desire that you wouldn’t feel an ounce of pressure from us to do so.  Again, we’re just glad that you’re here.